How to play American Roulette: Rules, Tips and Payouts

Many online casinos offer variations of roulette and one that players welcome across is American Roulette. This is the least favourite game for players who have experience because this game has a bigger house advantage than a European Roulette. Since the American Roulette wheel has the added 00 spot, players may have an extra betting option, but this also reduces payouts as well as reduces the player advantage. While this game is usually avoided by those with experience, some new players may be interested in learning how to play and may test their luck with American Roulette.

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How to Play

American Roulette is played on a table that used a small ball and a large wheel that contains the numbers in the game. With this version, players will have 38 spots on the wheel and can bet on many different combinations. The game starts by selecting a wager, which can vary per casino. They will click on specific numbers, a collection of numbers or any of the marked betting options on eh table like red/black or odd/even. It is possible to place multiple bets just by clicking on them and dropping chips where players wish to bet.

When the bets are all placed, the Spin button is clicked and this will start spinning the wheel. The ball will then enter and will come to a stop on one of the numbers on the wheel. This number and colour are then announced and all losing bets will be collected and winning bets will be paid according to the pay table.

Bets and Payouts

There are many different betting options when playing American Roulette, and this is one reason many new players are hesitant to play the game. The bets are easy to understand and with a bit of practice, any player can master the game of roulette. Since this is a game of chance, there are no proven strategies that can help players win more often. When placing bets, it is important to know the payouts of those bets. These are displayed by hovering over a spot on the table with the mouse.

The following bets are options for players and every player should become familiar with these and how they work with American Roulette.

  • Straight Up Bet – Chips are placed in a specific number on the wheel. Payout is 35:1
  • Split Bets – Betting on the line that is in between numbers on the table. This means that both numbers are being bet on with a single chip. This bet pays 17:1
  • Street Bet – By placing a chip in the right boundary line, players will bet on a row that contains three numbers on the table. This pays 11:1
  • Corner Bet – Bet on the cross where any four numbers meet to bet on all four numbers. This pays 8:1
  • Five Bet – Players will lay chips on the right line between the numbers 00 and 3. This pays 6:1
  • Line Bet – a bet that will cover two different Street bets and pays 5:1
  • Dozen – Cover 12 numbers on the wheel, either the first 12, second 12 or the third 12 and pays 2:1
  • Column Bet – Bet on all of the 12 numbers in a single column and win 2:1
  • Colour and Odd/Even – Bet on red or black or on odd/even to receive an even money return.

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