Online Slot Tournaments

Online casinos are home to amazing slot games and since so many players enjoy the action of these games, the casino sites often host slots tournaments that can be enjoyed online. Online slots tournaments can vary in type and players should learn how the slot tournaments work before they enter. Some tournaments are completely free, referred to as freeroll events, while others will require a buy-in amount paid by the player. With online slot tournaments, players will complete for a portion of a prize pool, which can be quite large, especially when playing in a guaranteed event.

Casino Slot Tournaments Schedule
Event BuyIn Game Starts Ends Prize Casino
Month-Long Tournament $5 Fat Cat slot In Play 5d 17h $5,000 MiamiClub Casino
Lucky Strike $5.99 Funky Chicken slot game In Play 5d 17h $6,000 RedStag Casino
Big Bird Tournament $5 Turkey Time video slot In Play 17h 41m $1,000 MiamiClub Casino
Ultimate Battle $4.99 Lucky Irish video slot In Play 5d 17h $3,000 RedStag Casino
Giant Weekly Freeroll Northern Lights slot In Play 17h 41m $300 MiamiClub Casino
New Players Tournament any amount Black Diamond Video Slot ... In Play 1d 12h $€1,200 Box24 Casino
Black Friday Tournament Min. €25 Mamma Mia; Enchanted .. In Play 1d 12h €3,450 + 3400 in Bonus Spins BlackDiamond Casino
Weekly Winner $3 Vegas Party slot In Play 1d 17h The Pot MiamiClub Casino
Bounty Hunt $3.99 Dragon Master In Play 1d 17h $500 RedStag Casino
Curling Iron $5 Hot Roller slot In Play 1w 1d $1,500 MiamiClub Casino
Sharpshopper Freeroll Cash Grab In Play 4d 17h $1,500 RedStag Casino
Hangover Helpers Weekly $3 Cash Cow slot In Play 2d 17h $750 RedStag Casino
Super Challenge Weekly Freeroll Various Casino Games In Play 5d 5h $1,000 SlotoCASH Casino
Super Weekend Weekly Freeroll Various Slots In Play 5d 17h $1,000 UptownAces Casino
ViP clash of the Titans Min. €500 Classic Jackpot Games In Play 12h 41m €200,000 SpartanSlots Casino
Hoedown Show $2 Funky Chicks In Play 17h 41m The Pot RedStag Casino
Daily Free-RoLL! Freeroll Crazy Cherry slot In Play 17h 41m $100 MiamiClub Casino
Daily Winner $3 Hot Roller slot In Play 17h 41m The Pot MiamiClub Casino
The Most Wanted Freeroll Funky Chicken In Play 17h 41m $100 RedStag Casino
15k Guaranteed Min. $€75 Classic Jackpot Games In Play 17h 41m $€15,000 Box24 Casino
One Penny $0.01 Birds of Paradise In Play 1d 17h $125 RedStag Casino
Newbies Daily Free Slot Freeroll Various Slots 5h 41m 17h 41m $50 SlotoCASH Casino
Daily Loyalty Slots Freeroll Various Slot Games 5h 41m 17h 41m $100 SlotoCASH Casino
Daily Nickel $0.05 Various Games 5h 41m 17h 41m $50 SlotoCASH Casino
Winner Takes ALL! Freeroll Various Casino Games 2d 5h 3d 17h $250 UptownAces Casino

Players from USA can play this tournament

How do Tournaments Work

Slot tournaments are simple to understand. The event will start and all players will have the same number of credits. The winners are determined at the end by who has collected the most credits in the slot machine. All players will be playing the same game. The rules remain the same no matter how long the event runs. Some slot tournaments only last a few minutes while others can go on for days.

Slot Machine Tournament Rules and Types of Tournaments

The slot machine tournament rules must be understood by the player before they enter the tourney. Most events will start with a set number of credits and players will all be spinning reels on the same game. The rules regarding collecting winnings may vary per casino site and can include wagering requirements. If a tournament does have a wagering requirement, payers have to meet them in order to collect the winnings that have been generated.

There are different types of slot tournaments. The simplest is a freeroll event, which is available to all players at no cost. These events are short and are often hosted multiple times a day at the casino. There is no limit as to how many players can enter and some prize pools can be as high as $5000, but these events generally pay small amounts since there is no buy in.

A scheduled tournament is one that starts and ends at a specific time. Players must register and pay a buy-in fee and there is a limit as to how many players can enter. The payouts of these events will vary based on how many players have entered.

Sit and Go tournaments are just the opposite of scheduled tourneys. There is no start or end time. The event will start as soon as there are enough players entered. These are also buy-in events and can offer some great payouts.

The most popular type of slots tournament found online is the guaranteed tournament. This is a competition that offers an assured prize amount. The key to winning these is to enter when there is a small amount of players. This will increase the amount that is won since the guaranteed prize pool is split between leaders.

How to Win a Slot Machine Tournament

To win an online slot machine tournament, players must use slot machine strategies that can assist with winning more on the machine. If the tournament allows re-buys and the player is at the top of the leaderboard, always re-buy to extend the playing time and increase the chances of winning more credits. Most players who are playing in a paid tournament will make use of this option as it is the best way to win any slots tournament.