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What is Abaqoos?

Abaqoos Voucher, simple Abaqoos - is an instant electronic banking method (online banking) - available in Hungary, at this moment, and working with Hungarian Banks only. In order to use Abaqoos you must go to Abaqoos official website - and register your Abaqoos voucher account.

Abaqoos vouchers and Casino Gambling Online

At this moment there are lot of internet gambling sites taking Abaqoos Vouchers. Below you will find a list of the Best Online Casinos that accept Abaqoos.

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How does Abaqoos Work?

Available 365 days per year / 7 days a week / 24 hours a day - Abaqoos voucher works as an online banking with some priorities versus a simple voucher - Abaqoos vouchers do not have an expiration date and can be funded as many times as you want (unlimited times) via: "bank transfer", "cash deposit" - at available bank branches only, "by phone" and "domestic postal cheque" - also known as the "pink cheque" (cheques transfer may take up to 4-5 banking days).

Funding process can take from 5 min to 1 working day - depending on when you upload your funds and which bank you use for the transaction.

Why and where can I use Abaqoos vouchers?

Abaqoos has several advantages along with some disadvantages as almost all payment methods.

Secured transactions; quick transfers (through specified Hungarian banks only); no transaction fees; no disclose of your personal details; no credit or debit cards are required; can be reloaded unlimited times with no minimum or maximum requirements; does not have expiry date/time - there are the most important advantages of Abaqoos, versus with the disadvantage of Abaqoos availability in Hungary and at the specified banks only.

Here are the Hungarian Banks with "Quick Transfers" where you can upload your Abaqoos Voucher by "Cash Deposit": Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank, KH Bank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, Unicredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank.