AGMO eBanking Casinos

What is AGMO?

Registered with the Czech National Bank and especially developed for citizens from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary - AGMO is a new payment operator that helps its consumers to transfer money quickly and safely - through a lot of payment ways such as: Mobile Payments (Premium SMS, Payment SMS, mPayment - Web Billing, SMS/MMS Gate, Audiotex); Instant Banking (eLink, PaymentLink+) and Card Payments.

AGMO and Casino Gambling Online

As AGMO is a new payment operator, there are several internet gambling sites accepting AGMO. Below you will find the Best Online Casinos that accept AGMO Instant Banking deposits.

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How does AGMO eBanking work?

ePayment+ is an instant banking service that allows its consumers to make instant payments directly from your bank account. Just select Express Bank Transfer as a checkout option, then select your bank, and then log into your bank account to confirm the transaction.

eLink is an email request to make a Bank Transfer. In the received email the customer can see a confirmation link of the order, just click on this link, select your bank and you will redirected to the bank web page; then login and confirm the transaction.

How does AGMO Mobile Payments work?

It is very simple to pay using Premium SMS / Payment SMS. All you must do is to send an SMS to a special short code (service available for all telecom operators in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary).

In case of mPayment amount will be debited directly from a credit or debit card. With mPayment transactions may take a little more time than with SMS-Payments - firstly select mPayment as a checkout option; then enter your phone number and email; and you will receive a confirmation of the transaction via email (available in Czech Republic and Poland).

Why and Where to use AGMO?

Utilize AGMO SMS/MMS, Instant Banking or Card payments to pay for goods ( include e-shopping): to pay for the tickets (in public transport, airline tickets, on the train and coach, tours, vacations, concerts); to pay for parking; purchase CDs / DVDs and electronic books; sale of newspapers and magazines; to go to the cinema or theater; to pay for internet connection, premium television channels or Insurance.

The key benefits of this payment method are:

  • safe and fast transactions
  • High accessibility of the SMS Payment services;
  • low fees when use Card Payments or eLink, ePayment+ Bank Trasnfers
  • Easy user interface and online stats for SMS/MMS Payments