Kriita Casinos

What is Kriita?

Located in Stockholm, Sweden - Kriita is one of the safest and fastest payment options around the world available at this moment for consumers from several European countries with aspirations to extend around Europe and why not worldwide.

How does Kriita Invoice work?

With Kriita Invoice you can pay just by entering your mobile phone number. Exception from the rule is only at your first transaction - when you must provide a personal ID to check out your identity. Making a payment is easy - just select Kriita as payment option; then enter your mobile phone number and confirm your transaction.

Kriita Mobile Payments and Casino Gambling Online

Kriita is a new European Сompany in the mobile payments market, with aspirations to extend around the world. In consequence, there are only several Online Casino that accept Kriita Invoice Payments, but day by day more and more internet gambling sites start using Kriita as a payment method.

Below you can find the best online casinos med Kriita mobile payments. Select one of them and play your favorite casino games. Good Luck!

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Why to use Kriita Mobile Payments?

The most important advantages of Kriita are the safest and fastest mobile payments around the world - pay by entering your mobile phone number only. In addition, any customer can open an additional credit line with Kriita - The facts speak for themselves.