Univoucher Casinos

Another great payment option for players who do not wish to provide an online casinos with personal details or account information is Univoucher. This is a prepaid service that provides players with a unique voucher code that can be redeemed like cash at supporting casino sites. With this method, players can make safe and instant deposits and will never have to worry about disclosing any sensitive data online.

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Using Univoucher

When a voucher is purchased, only that amount can be spent online. If players make a casino deposit that is less than the amount on the voucher, they can request to have any remaining funds transferred to their bank account. Should players wish to deposit more online, they will have to purchase a separate Univoucher prepaid card in order to add additional funds to their casino account.

Univoucher Limits

Unlike other pre-paid cards that can be used over time, Univoucher comes with a time limit. This voucher has to be activated within 48 hours after it is purchased and will only be valid for a certain amount of time. If it is not activated, it will be cancelled and any funds on the voucher will be returned to the bank account. The voucher must be used within 30 days after it is activated. Otherwise, it will expire.