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Vodafone - About ...

Presented in more than 20 countries - Vodafone is one of the largest company in Telecommunication in the World. Vodafone consumers may shop online then use Vodafone Billing Services. A few years ago, they allow to use their billing services in online and offline gambling.

Vodafone Gambling - Online

With Vodafone - players can fund their casino account - online, through the casino banking section using their Billing Service Section. Also players can choose to charge the amount to the bill or use a credit / debit cards.

Vodafone Gaming - Offline

That is not all - Vodafone can be used to play not only casino games online, but also at real - casinos, for example: Crown Casino, located in Melbourne - Australia or Alcera Del Casino located in Granada - Spain which also accept payments through Vodafone.

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Vodafone Age Restrictions

Vodafone, automatically puts some web content in the restricted territories for their younger customers, for example: chat and dating services; erotica; gambling and violent games. To remove it, Vodafone will need firstly to check that you’re over 18.