How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is a variation of poker that is often found at online casinos and this game is a simple game that can offer some great gambling action. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and it is similar to playing acey-deucey. While Red Dog is classified as a poker game, it does not follow any standard poker rules. At some online casinos, as many as 8 decks will be used when playing, so players need to learn which sites offer the game with the most decks in play so they can reduce the house edge a bit before they even start playing the game.

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Playing the Game

Red Dog starts with players placing a wager on the table. The dealer will then place two face up cards and if these are consecutive cards, such as a five and six, the hand is automatically a push and the next hand will be dealt. If the two cards that are dealt are the same value, a third card will be placed on the table. If this card is also the same value, players will receive a payout of 11:1. If the third card is a different value, all bets will be considered a push.

When the cards are not the same, the dealer will tell players what the spread is between the cards that are dealt. Players will then have the opportunity to raise the bet on the table, though this is not required. After all betting is done, the dealer will place a third card down. If this card’s value is in between the value of the original two, the player will win. If the third card has an equal value or is lower or higher than the cards, all bets on the table will lose.

Payouts with Red Dog

The amount that players can win will depend on the spread between the two original cards that are dealt. With a one card spread, the payout is 5:1. If there is a two card spread, players will receive 4:1. Three card spreads pay 2:1 and spreads of four or more will pay 1:1.

Playing the game is simple and little strategy is used. If the spread is 7 or more, players should immediately raise. The house edge with this game is about 3% and players will have the best chances of winning when playing games that have more decks. An eight deck game offers a lower edge at 2.75%.

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