The guide on How to play Sic Bo casino game

Sic Bo has become a very common game in land casinos and the game can also be found at online casinos and can be played for free or for real money. This exciting table game is easy to learn and with some practice at the free tables, players can master the game and start collecting some impressive payouts. This Asian game is one of the easiest to learn online and the entire game lies on the prediction of the roll of three separate dice. At first, players may compare the game to Craps, but its simplicity and level of fun make it a game that is much less complicated and enjoyable.

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Bet Types with Sic Bo

While the game is very basic and simple, the number of betting options is pretty large. Some variations of the game will offer additional side bets as well, so these offer even more chances for players to win. When playing the game for real money, players will start by placing a wager amount and will then choose the type of bet to place. The most popular bet is the Big or Small bet. With the Big Bet, players will hope that the total of the dice rolled will value between 11 and 17. Betting on the Small Bet is another option and with this, the dice totals will have to be between 4 and 10.

There are also Odd and Even bets that can be placed. These are simple to understand. Even bets will predict that the total value of the dice rolled is an even number and with an odd bet, the total will be an odd number. Another popular bet is the Total Sum bet. Players will wager on what the total value of the dice will be and there are some amazing payouts that can be achieved with these bets. The top reward is a 50:1 payout when the three dice total 4 or 17.

Some of the other betting options that can be placed when playing sic bo include Triple Numbers, Any Triple Bet, Double, Exact Numbers and Any Numbers.

Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo is a game of luck and there is no way for players to alter the outcome of the roll of the dice. However, there are some tips that can be used as strategies that can help players place the right bets and win more when betting. The best bets on this game are the Big and small Bets and the Odd and Even Bets. These offer a low house advantage of just 2.78% while other bets can have house edges that are as high as 30%. Always review the payouts and the advantages before placing any bets to limit risks and have more chances of collecting payouts. While low house edge payouts are often less, they provide frequent wins so that players can continue enjoying the game.

Getting Started

Sic Bo is a simple game, so it should not take long for players to master the bets and start winning. All payouts and betting options are displayed on the table and players will simply choose the amount they wish to wager and place their bet on the proper spot on the table. The dealer will then roll the three dice, announce the result and collect all losing bets while paying out all winning bets. The game is fast paced and without the need for complex strategies, it can be one of the best table games for new players who are looking to experience a thrilling gambling session.