How to Play Three Card Poker: Rules, Bets and Payouts

Many players who enjoy the thrills of online gambling will have played some version of poker at some time. At online casinos, there are many different versions of poker, one of which is Three Card Poker. This game has become quite a popular choice, especially for beginner players. It has simple rules and is very easy to learn. Played with just a single deck, 3 Card Poker offers two different games in one. The first is the Play/Ante, where players will be competing against the dealer at the table for the best poker hand. The other game is the Pairs Plus, which will consist of placing a wager on whether a pair will be dealt in the three cards received. Most online casinos will allow players to place a bet on either of these, but some will require an Ante Bet to be eligible to place the Pairs Plus bet.

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Playing the Game

At the Three Card Poker table, players will see three different circles on the table. The top circle, which is the Pairs Plus, is where one wager will be placed. Under that circle are the two other spots, which are the Ante and Play areas of betting. These are used on the base game and players who are betting on the Pairs Plus will have to place a matching wager on that circle.

After betting is complete, players will receive three cards. At this time, if an Ante bet has been places and players choose to fold, they will lose that bet. If they wish to continue with the game, they will have to place a matching bet on the Play section on the table. After these decisions are made, the dealer will reveal their cards and will have to qualify with a Queen of higher. If there is no Queen, players will be rewarded with even money on the Ante and any Play bets will be returned.

Should the dealer qualify, the player hand is then compared to see which has the better ranking hand. Winning hands are rewarded with an even money payout for the Ante as well as the Play. If the dealer wins, both bets are taken.

Ante Bonus Payouts

With Three Card Poker, there is a special payout when players place the Ante bet and they get certain hands. It is not required for players to place any additional bet to be eligible for these payouts. Those that have a straight, three of a kind hand or a straight flush will receive a bonus payout, even if the dealer does not qualify. These payouts will be based on a pay table that will be posted for all to see. These may vary depending on which casino players have chosen, but they will definitely offer some great chances to collect winnings.

Pairs Plus Wins

When players choose to place the Pairs Plus bet, they will be wagering on having a pair in their hand when the cards are dealt. This wager will not have anything to do with the dealer hand, so they will not have to qualify. With a pair or better, players will win, even if Ante bets lose. A straight flush will award eh highest payout at 40:1 and the lowest will be for a single pair, which is an even money win.