Online Keno Game for Fun or Real Money

Online Keno is a great game for players who are looking to win money online but do not wish to play traditional casino games like slots or table games. With Keno, players can easily get in on a great game and since there are no specific skills or strategies that have to be mastered, this is a game that will suit the needs of any player. The game can offer the chance to win large payouts and with various betting options, free play opportunities and fast playing games, online Keno has become a top game for millions of online gamblers all over the world.

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How to Play Keno - Game Rules

The first step is to choose the bet amount and the number of Keno spots that will be played. Most Keno games will allow players to bet on up to 15 numbers. There are 80 numbers in the game and the goal is to match drawn numbers to those that have been selected by the player.

Once all selections have been made, players will just click on Play and the game will start. Usually there will be 20 numbered balls that will be pulled and these are the winning numbers. If players are able to match these with numbers they have chosen, they will have the chance to win payouts based on the number of spots they have bet on and how many matches have been completed.

The amount that can be won on Keno will range from small returns to massive wins and it all depends on how much has been bet and how many spots have been selected. If players just select one number and that number hits, they win 3 credits. If they select 14 numbers and half of them hit they will get 5 coins, but if 8 hit, the payout is 12 coins. Hitting all 14 will award players with a 7500 coin payout.

It is important to consider the pay table of the game when choosing how many spots to select as each will offer different rewards based on how many numbers hit.

Finding Keno Games

Luckily, most of the leading casinos operating online will have a section of games called Specialty games. This is where Keno will be found. There are very few online casinos that do not offer this game, so it should not be difficult for players to locate a site and start enjoying Keno action. There are even some casino sites operating that feature a Live Keno game, where balls and drawn in real time by live croupiers.

Playing for Real Money

Once players have selected a casino for their Keno needs, they will have to decide whether they are playing for free or for real money. Real money games will pose a risk as players can lose money when betting. However, these games can also offer amazing benefits. Most Keno games will allow players to select the amount of the bet to be placed and there is a minimum and maximum amount that is available. With various betting options, players with any sized casino budget can enjoy the game and have a chance to win some stellar payouts.

To play real money Keno, players will have to be a registered member of the casino site, so they will have to complete a new player registration form and deposit funds using the banking options that are supported.