Slots with Best Payouts

There are many different slot games that are featured at online casino sites and there are even some sites that offer over 500 titles. This can make it difficult for players to determine which games offer the best payouts. There are some things that players can look for when they are choosing games and by knowing certain details about a game, they can determine if it is one that will offer them the best possible rewards. Choosing slot games is not difficult and with a bit of knowledge, any player can find those games that offer the best chances at winning some real money returns.

Verified Payout Rates

The first thing players should do is check to see that the slots at a casino site are audited. When this is done, the auditing company will verify the payout rates. The payout rate is an important figure when comparing slots. Players will want to find the games that have the highest possible payout rate, preferably over 97%. There are some games that have a rate that is almost 100%, but most will average between 95% and 97%. The highest number is best when looking for slots that offer frequent payouts.

Paylines, Bet Amounts and Bonuses

Pay attention to the number of paylines and the total bet amounts. Players often spend more than they should on games that have low payout rates, waiting for a large win. This can quickly deplete a bankroll. Choose a game that has a number of lines that allows for an affordable bet. Most beginners will be best playing a 9 payline game, but those games that have more paylines offer more chances to win.

Bonuses are the key to collecting winnings and the best paying slots will have multiple bonus rounds. Watch for those that have a free spin round as well as a second screen bonus. Many games have more than one bonus and these are the best choices when making a selection.

Avoid Progressives

While progressive games are attractive and can offer life altering wins, the chances of winning that progressive are pretty low. In fact, most progressive games are not high payout slots at all. They usually have lower base game payouts. These games cost more to play and do not have the best payout percentages, so they should be avoided by new or casual players.