Online Slots with Feature Guarantee

Slot games that are found online are created by different developers and each offers bonuses and game features that will vary per title. Most players will seek out games that have multiple bonus rounds so they can improve their chances of winning. When looking for games, many will try to select those that have a feature guarantee, which is a common feature offered with RTG slot games found online. With this bonus feature guarantee, players will be sure to trigger the bonus and enjoy more winnings.

How the Feature Guarantee Works

When players make the choice to play slots with bonus games, they will have the chance to instantly trigger the bonus round. This is one of the main reasons players continue to choose video slots as their game of choice at online casinos. Unfortunately, many games will result in multiple spins without every triggering the bonus round. With a game that offers a feature guarantee, the bonus game will be triggered after a certain number of spins if it is not triggered by getting the needed symbols on a spin.

With games that have the feature guarantee, there will be a small box on the screen that will display the maximum number of spins needed to trigger the guarantee feature. Once this number is reached without triggering the bonus, the bonus round will instantly trigger, offering players great chances at winning.

Benefits of Feature Guarantee Games

With so many slots now available online, players will want to choose those that offer the best chances of winning. Since all results on the slot are controlled by the Random Number Generator, there is no way to know when a bonus will be triggered. Games that offer a feature guarantee will let the player know they will definitely trigger the bonus round when they have reached the maximum number of spins. The benefit is that players will always have a chance to win more with the bonus instead of spinning multiple times without triggering a bonus round.

The feature guarantee has become a popular feature on RTG games and is one of the reasons many players chose these slot games online. With this feature, there are additional chances to win since players will be guaranteed to play the bonus round.