Online Slots with Multipliers

Online casinos are home to hundreds of amazing games and most of those games are video slots, which have some amazing features. Each slot game will have something different to offer, but it is common for a game to provide players with multipliers that can greatly boost overall payouts. Multipliers can be seen in the base game, with the use of wilds and during bonus rounds, so there are many ways in which this feature can enhance the game and provide better payouts when players are betting real money.

Base Game Multipliers

There are many slot games where there are base game multipliers, which can double or triple payouts. The multipliers will be applied to winning combinations and can offer stellar payouts. In many cases, the wild symbol will not only replace base game icons, but will also provide a multiplied win amount. Most wilds will double payouts, but if players get more than a single wild in a winning combination, they can enjoy huge wins. Games that feature base game multipliers offer better chances to earn returns on wagers and if multipliers are also offered in bonus rounds, there are even more ways to collect top payouts.

Bonus Game Multipliers

Each video slot game that is offered at an online casino will have different features, but most come with at least one bonus round. In many cases, this is a free spin round and if there are multipliers in use, the payouts can be quite high. A number of free spin rounds will multiply all payouts that are achieved and in some games, the wild can increase the multiplier, offering even more rewards.

Multipliers can also be found with second screen bonuses, such as Pick me style games. With these, players will usually choose from symbols on the screen to reveal a multiplier amount and will then select icons to reveal instant win amounts. Slot games that feature bonus rounds with multipliers are the best choices for players who are looking to get more returns on the wager that are placed.

Online slot games are enhanced with the use of multipliers and when players are comparing game titles, they should always choose those that offer the most multipliers and the highest possible payout amounts when these multipliers are applied to winnings.