Online Slots with Respin Feature

When playing slot games online, players do not have any control over the outcome. They will often spin the reels to see that no winning combination has occurred. Since the outcome cannot be changed, players often wish there was another chance to get a different outcome without betting again on the machine. This is where respins come into play and this is a great bonus feature that is found on some of the hottest video slots offered at online casinos.

On some games, all or a few of the reels can spin again, offering different symbols that could produce a payout when there was a non-winning result in the initial spin. This respin feature offers players another chance to win without further depleting the bankroll.

How Respins Work

A respin feature on a slot game is not the same as a free spin bonus round, but can be just as beneficial. Some slot games use this feature as a bonus, where players will get three symbols top trigger the feature. These symbols are then held in place as the remaining reels spin again for the opportunity to create better outcomes and get more payouts.

Other slot games will have a button available that says “respin” and there is a value to respin the reel. Based on the cost to respin and the possible payouts, players can choose whether to use the option or not. In some cases, the respin can increase the chances of higher payouts while in other situations, it is a waste and should not be used. This option is great when playing jackpot games. Let’s say that four jackpot symbols appeared and players just needed one more to be a big winner. They can use the respin feature for a small cost to have another chance at hitting that winning combination!

Benefits of the Respin Option

The main benefit is to allow players another chance at winning. This option also provides players with a sense of control over the game. Instead of random outcomes, they feel they have a hand in the outcome by having the option to spin a reel once again to try to complete a combination. This feature has changed the way many players play slot games online and it provides them with a second chance to get closer to a payout.