Retriggered Free Spins Slot Machines

Slot games are the most played games found at any online casino and with the offering of hundreds of video slots, players will find exciting game features that can increase overall payouts. Most players will seek out games that offer free spin bonus rounds as a main bonus as these can generate some of the largest possible payouts. With a free spin round, players will enjoy a set number of spins and can even benefit from added features like extra wilds or random symbols that can improve the outcome of the bonus round.

Triggering Free Spins

The majority of the games that do feature a free spin round will require players to get certain symbols to trigger the bonus. In many cases, this will be three or more scatter icons. Some games will have a flat number of spins that can be won while others will offer a different number of spins based on how many scatters have appeared. When a free spin round is triggered, it will immediately begin and players will not have to pay for any of the spins that are played during the round. All winnings are added to the credits and these bonus rounds can end up being very lucrative, especially on games that make use of multipliers on all free spin wins.

Free Spins Retrigger

When comparing games and bonus features, players should watch for those games that will allow the free spin round to be re-triggered. This means that the bonus will reset to another set of spins, offering more chances to collect winnings. To retrigger free spins, players will usually have to get three more scatter icons on a single free spin. At this time, the new free spins will be added to the balance of spins remaining, extending the bonus feature.

Free spin rounds that can be retriggered are favoured by most players as this can truly help them win large amounts. Games that feature the ability to retrigger free spins are the most popular online and with so many great titles offered and so many great bonus rounds, there are many ways for players to collect payouts in addition to what they can win in the base game.