Online Slots with Win-Win Bonus Features

Slot games are always attracting players at online casinos and with hundreds of titles available to players all over the world, there are endless choices. The top software providers are always trying to develop new game titles that feature unique themes and stunning game features to keep players entertained and to offer better chances of winning. For those that enjoy the action of video slot games online, there are selections that have multiple game features and one that is preferred by players is the Win-Win Feature.

How Win-Win Slots Work

Realtime Gaming has developed some games that make use of this great new feature and these games can offer spectacular payouts for players who are placing real money wagers. With this feature, players will enjoy the chance to win more whenever they win through a bonus game and have low payouts. It is a form of a guarantee for players, offering the chance to win a minimum amount with every bonus round that is triggered.

If the bonus round only pays a small amount of money, the Win-Win feature will kick in and award a bonus payout based on the amount that has originally been won. This is a great option for those times where bonus rounds produce no wins at all as it guarantees a payout each and every time a bonus is triggered on a game.

Benefits of Win-Win

With so many players choosing to enjoy video slots online, this great feature is one way to ensure some winnings are collected. While the feature does not offer huge jackpot-type payouts, it is a small guarantee that bonus winnings will be received. The Win-Win feature is an attractive one, especially when it compliments multiple bonus rounds. Even if players only get small payouts from these bonuses, they will be guaranteed to win a certain amount, regardless of the bonus outcome, which is a huge benefit. With slot games being games of chance, players have no control over the outcome, so any feature that will guarantee a win is one that will be welcomed by any real money player online.