Online Blackjack Tournaments

With the introduction of online casinos came the access of great games, especially blackjack. For many years, this casino game has been enjoyed and with the offering of online tournaments, players can take blackjack games to a new level, compete against others and have the chance to win payouts from prize pools for free or for real money. With these tournaments, players will be playing against each other instead of the dealer to see who performs the best and wins the most hands.

Blackjack Tournament Schedule
EventPrizeBuyInGameStartsEndsCasino T&C
Winner Takes All Tourney$250FreerollVarious games4d 11h5d 23hUptownAces Casino T&C
Daily Nickel$25$0.05Various games11h 48m23h 48mUptownAces Casino T&C
The Most Wanted$100Freeroll Funky ChickenIn Play22h 45mRedStag Casino T&C
Classic BlackjackThe Pot$2Blackjack ClassicIn Play3w 4dMiamiClub Casino T&C
Bounty Hunt$500$3.99Birds of ParadiseIn Play3d 22hRedStag Casino T&C
Daily Keno$100FreerollKenoIn Play19h 48mRedStag Casino T&C
Blackjack ChallengeThe PotFreerollVegas StripIn Play1w 2dMiamiClub Casino T&C
Keno ChampionshipThe Pot!$2KenoIn Play3w 5dMiamiClub Casino T&C

Players from The United States can play this tournament

How do BlackJack Tournaments Work

When playing for real money in an online blackjack tournament, there is usually a buy in fee of around 3$-5$. Tournaments that have larger prize pools will have a larger buy in amount. The fee will cover payments to the house for actually hosting the tournament and the remaining money will be added to the prize pool. There are also some freeroll tournaments, where players do not have to pay to enter. These are quite popular with newer players, but the payouts are also much lower, so they may not appeal to those with more experience or players looking for large wins.

When a tournament starts, players will be sat at numerous tables and the best performing players will advance in rounds. This is an elimination tournament, so only the best players will advance and have a chance at winning payouts. Each round will have certain limits, such as a time limit on the hands or a set number of hands that will be played in each round. The exact rules will vary per casino and will be explained to players before the event begins. The tournament will end with a single table of play, which will contain all of the best players from the entire event. The top players at this final table will take home the largest payouts.

Blackjack Tournaments and Strategies

One of the important things for players to realise is that they are no longer playing against the house and they must out-perform other players to be the winner. One strategy is to watch competitors and see how they are performing or how the experience level rates at the table. If the event is a tournament based on a certain number of hands played, it is best to start slow and preserve the bankroll so that larger bets can be made during the final rounds. Players will start to increase bet sizes to eliminate more players.

Alot of the strategy used when playing blackjack tournaments will be based on knowing where players stand on the leader board and to know how many players qualify for the final rounds. A tournament where only a small number of players advance to the next round will require an aggressive strategy, where players will have to take more chances and bet higher amounts if they plan to beat out others that have made it to the final tables.

Blackjack Tournament Advantages

When playing blackjack in a tournament at an online casino, there is a new level of excitement for the players. The game involves much strategy when being played as a regular game, but with more competition and higher stakes, some additional strategies may be employed. Since winning a tournament will take some time as there are numerous rounds, players have to know how to pace themselves and ensure they do not over bet and get knocked out in the early rounds.

Most events will have a set number of hands that are played throughout the tournament, allowing players to know the cost of each hand before they even start. By keeping an eye on chip totals and always assessing other players, blackjack players will have better chances of being successful with these tournaments.