Online Slots with High Volatility

When playing slot games online, there are varying levels of risk that can be taken and is risk is measured by volatility. A game that has high volatility will have the highest risk for the player and these games should be chosen with caution. With high volatility slot games, players will have fewer winning combinations on the game, but the wins that are created often offer higher payouts than other slot games.

Since there is a lower hit frequency on high volatility games, players will have longer cold streaks when playing. This means they will have to have a decent sized casino budget to play the game long enough to collect higher rewards.

How to Identify High Volatility Slots

One way to determine if a slot game has a high or low volatility is to examine the pay table before betting. Games that have low payouts for winning combinations are often considered on the low end of the spectrum. Look at the lowest reward on the table. The higher this is, the lower the hit frequency will be on the game. A game that has an even money payout as the lowest reward can afford to pay more often, so these games will have higher hit frequencies.

Why Choose High Volatility Games

Most players do not want a run of losing spins, but the high volatility games online are popular choices. The reason may players turn to these games is due to the massive payouts that can be collected when a winning combination does appear. While this may not happen as often as with other game titles, the payouts are often exceptional, making these games appealing to experienced players. They may not be best for beginners or low budget players, but they surely have benefits for others.

These games also have bonus rounds and though they are not triggered often, when they are, they offer higher rewards than bonuses on other games. This is another reason many will choose these types of slots. Overall, high volatility games have much better payouts in the long run, though they may cost more to play initially until that first large win is achieved.