Online Slots with Stop Spin Feature

Slot games that are featured at online casinos come in many different formats and players will find games that have unique features that can help them win more and have added control over the game. Many of the video slots that are found online will have a great feature called Stop-Spin. This is used to control when the reels on the game stop spinning and will provide player with a bit more control over what symbols will appear in what positions. While the Stop Spin button can be used at any time, many players do not bother with it as the results of the game are always determined by the Random Number Generator. However, some players feel that this feature is useful and can definitely help to create more combinations or even trigger bonus features.

How the Stop Spin Feature Works

When a game offers the Stop-Spin, it will be used to manually stop the reels from spinning without waiting for the game to automatically do this. Some may think that this feature will alter the results of the game, but this is not true. The result will be the same whether players use the feature or not. The feature is just added to provide players with the feeling that they have more control over the slot they are playing. One of the main benefits to using this feature is that it will speed up the game, offering players a way to place more wagers in a shorter amount of time.

Who Can Benefit from Stop Spin

As mentioned, there is no feature or method that can be used to alter the outcome of any slot game that is offered at an online casino. With the Stop Spin feature, the game is simply played at a faster rate and allows players to place more wagers. This feature is great for those that are a bit impatient to see the results or for those that like to gamble at a fast pace. For many players, the thrills comes from waiting for the results of the game to appear, so the Stop Spin feature is seldom used, though it is still offered on many of the latest video slot games online.