EZ-Voucher Casinos

What is EZ-Voucher?

Founded a several years ago - "EZ Voucher" (also known as Paste and Pay) is a new payment method which works like an eWallet. All you must do to use EZ vouchers it's: to register an account with Paste and Pay and link your eWallet account with an email address, with a valid phone number and a credit-debit card such as Visa or MasterCard; and finally confirm your registration with a PIN number sent to your phone number.

PasteandPay Vouchers and Casino Gambling Online

Nowadays there are few online casinos that accept PasteandPay Vouchers, but every day number of internet gambling sites using EZ-Vouchers is constantly growing. Below you will find the best online casinos that take Paste and Pay Vouchers.

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How to use Paste and Pay Voucher?

It is easy to make a transaction by using Paste and Pay vouchers - simply create your voucher with pasteandpay.com and it can be viewed instantly in your eWallet account, then you will receive PIN number of created voucher directly to your mobile phone or via registered email, and finally you can go shopping online anywhere where EZ-vouchers are acepted by using a simple PIN number. All vouchers can be instantly viewed in your eWallet account (include used, unused or partially used EZ-Vouchers)

Why to use Paste and Pay?

As well as any other payment method "Paste and Pay" has its pros and cons. Some of them are:

  • Secured Transactions (PCI DSS level one certified)
  • No transaction or annual fees associated
  • Instant transactions
  • The opportunity to create EZ-Voucher with larger amount
  • Availble only in USD
  • only 14 Days Voucher Availability (Expire Date)